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Chip mimics the performance of the human brain
10 Aug 14

Brain Power

This computer chip (first conceived 2 years ago by IBM) mimics the performance of the human brain.

 That’s pretty cool. It’s called the SyNAPSE chip.

The SyNAPSE chip is capable of:

  • 1 million programmable neurons
  • 256 million programmable synapses
  • 46 billion synaptic operations per second, per watt

Unless you are a neurosurgeon or engineer the above specifications may mean nothing to you, however believe us when we say that this chip leads the future for faster, cooler and more compact computing (i.e.: mobile phones, smart-watches, glass and whatever the future has in store for mobile computing).

IBM has created the chip to function just like a human brain by allowing it to use organic problem solving, past experiences and trial and error.

"Low power chips could make your mobile phone as powerful as a supercomputer".


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