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Christmas Gift Guide: Cell Phone Accessories
20 Dec 13

This Christmas Santa Clause has it easy because his presents will be small enough to fit in your pocket – now that’s a load off his shoulders!

If you have a friend or loved one who just loves his or her cell phone (and who doesn't?) then choosing the perfect Christmas present is going to be easy; it’s a cell phone accessory - and to make the choice even easier we at Phonefinder have singled out a few great ideas for you.

Phone Camera Accessories

Smartphones have officially taken over digital cameras on Santa’s list. However that doesn't mean that digital photography is dead, far from. The Nokia Lumia 1020 for example has a whopping 41 MP sensor camera!

So what do you get the photo enthusiast with a smartphone? Well that’s easy, check out these 3 awesome gadgets.

1. Eye Scope

This 8x zoom lens clip is designed specifically for iPhones. It comes with a tripod, carry case, lens cloth and iphone casing.

Eye Scope Accessory

2. The iPhone Lens Dial

Lets you switch between wide angle, fish eye and telephoto lenses.

iPhone Lens Dial Accessory

3. Photo Cube Smartphone Printer

Plug and Play High-quality photographs

Photo Cube Smartphone Printer

Phone Charging Accessories

Nowadays you have so many things to charge in the home. With so many wires lying around it’s easy for the house to start looking a bit cluttered – not with these nifty gadgets!

1. Garden Charging Station

Ugly charging cables are discreetly hidden underneath zen-like garden.

Zen Charging Station

2. Cordito Cord Wrap

Traveling with cables used to be a cluttered and tangled mess, not anymore!

Phone Cable Bag

3. Quirky Ray Solar Charger

Charge any type of cell phone with this solar charger. Comes with a built in suction cup so that you can attach it to a window.

Phone Solar Charger

Phone Gaming Accessories

Casual gaming such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush really took off in 2013. However now Thanks to high powered CPU’s in Smart Phones, large device displays and devices such as the GameClip; cell phone gaming can be taken to the next level.


Take control of your games with the GameClip – a DualShock3 controller (used for PlayStation3) which attaches to your Android phone.

Game Clip

Visit us next year because we plan to unveil the Phonefinder PhoneShop where you can pick up these amazing gadgets and amazing discounts.

Phonefinder tools

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