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Could this be the Phone of the future?
29 Sep 13

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The cell phone of the future could be fully customisable, up-gradable, and sustainable.

That’s if Phonblocs have anything to do with it.

As you know cell phones have a limited life span, very often less than 24 months. Although yourcell phone contractcommits you to a 24 month contract, you are very well aware that after 12 months your phone technology has already been overtaken countless times. Besides seeing your friends with faster and fancier phones than you, your phone has already become sluggish (you may even have a cracked screen, a 2 hour battery life and little internal memory left).

After 24 months your old phone will be replaced with a new phone. Your old phone either gets thrown away you placed in a drawer for "future” use.

Besides, your phone is one of the most important decisions when choosing the perfect cellular solution. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if you could "create” your very own cell phone?

Phonblocs is a visionary concept committed to making the world a better place.

With Phoneblocs you could simply buy one customisable phone which could be upgraded on a component level. Old or damaged components would be replaced with new components thereby reducing waste.

Choose your screen size, the battery, the MP in your camera, the resolution of your display. Upgrade your phone modem or replace your camera for the newest phone camera on the market.

Phoneblocs is visionary in that our phones have become utility devices which we should be able to upgrade as often as we wish, without harming our planet.

Netherlands-based designer Dave Hakkens has created Phonebloks. Read more about his vision and join his movement. http://www.phoneblocs.com/


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