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Cracked phone screens are now
20 Oct 13

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Cracked phone screens have become the latest trend; at least amongthe youth.

Youth have been purposely cracking their phone screens in order to look "cool". The trend is called "phone scaring” and is becoming increasingly popular. Think of it as the tech generation’s ripped jeans status symbol. Its as if a cracked screen gives you a sort of "street cred".

Having a cracked iPhone screen may say "Hey, I've been through some real-life stuff” (although most likely the screen cracked as a result of a bad reaction to a morning alarm).

In all likeliness the "trend” started because smart phone screens are just too expensive for youngsters to have fixed. So rather than seeming cheap by not fixing a phone screen the phone owner can purposely not fix it and gain some street cred instead.

If you want to join the "phone scaring” phase but don’t want to purposely damage your phone, then you can download a phone background of a cracked screen.

Cracked Cell Phone Screen
Broken Cell Phone Screen



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