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Do You Think a 2 Year Contract is Old Fashioned
28 Oct 15
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If you think that a 2 year contract is old fashioned then maybe this new cellular service provider is for you. Have you heard of this this new cell phone service provider in South Africa called me&you mobile? Want to know a bit about them? If the answer is yes then you are in luck because that is exactly what this article is about! 

me&you mobile launched earlier this year and positioned themselves as a cellular network service provider with a difference. The network is able to claim the title as South Africa’s first SIM only network – so if you are looking for a fancy new cell phone with a me&you mobile contract then you will be let down (or maybe not!). 

The service provider offers very attractive voice and data deals which (unless you want a cell phone or tablet attached to the contract) cannot be matched. 

The reason why me&you mobile do not attach a cell phone to a cell phone contract is simple – they believe that a 2 year contract ties you down. When you buy a cell phone contract with a cell phone attached you end up paying for the phone plus the network’s services (data, minutes and SMSs). With me&you mobile you only pay for the services, what’s more is that you can switch and swop the services every month if you choose to because you are not paying for a contract, your commitment is month to month, not for 24 months. 

Data and voice Plans 

Imagine a combination of a pre-paid offering and post-paid mobile contract. That is what me&you mobile offers. The offerings can be cancelled within the month, or switched month to month. So you are never tied into a plan. 

One of their most sought after deals is the offering of unlimited calls for only R300 per month.

Which infrastructure do me&you mobile utilise? 

The answer should come as no surprise, it is Cell C. Cell C have become well known in the South African cellular space as the carriers behind many Mobile Virtual Network Operators (Red Bull Mobile, Virgin Mobile South Africa and FNB are examples of MVNOs utilising Cell C in South Africa).

Me&you mobiles business model means that you do not have to visit a cellular store in order to purchase or activate your contract. Instead you can do it all online, everything from RICA to activation, they will even deliver your cell phone SIM card direct to your door. 

The service provider does not have a physical store in South Africa. Everything from sign up to changing monthly plans is done online. It is the lack of physical stores that allows me&you mobile to lower their costs (and the lower costs are really noticed by the consumer). 

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