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Festive Fridays with Phil - Smartphone Gift Ideas
20 Oct 17

Awesome Smartphone Gift Ideas this Festive Season 


With Christmas being around the corner, it’s a good idea to start planning ahead and find the perfect gifts you’re going to give your loved ones. Phonefinder will be running a Festive Guide for Smartphone gift ideas every Friday so that you can be well prepared before the time comes. 

Prynt Pocket 


The first ever Smartphone printer case, Prynt Pocket, is a definite mind blower. Perfect for those in your life that enjoy capturing those special moments, not only will this accessory print those snaps, a short video can also be embedded within the photo. The photos are printed onto sticker paper making them perfect for scrapbooking and the videos can be viewed using the Prynt App, which will add a touch of magic to your memories. 

Spectre Hologram Projector 


Step into the future with this neat accessory that will amaze anyone who sees it in action. No cables are needed, but it does perform best with "4 face hologram” videos which can be easily found on YouTube. The Spectre is easy to use and just requires being placed on the smartphone and hitting play on the video. 

Smartphone Photography Kit


Smartphones have, for the most part, replaced traditional point and shoot cameras for a lot of us and why not, considering we all have our Smartphones within arm’s reach most of the time. Impress the budding Smartphone photographer in your life with a photography kit that will make you their favourite person for at least the next year to come! Smartphone photography kits typically include a tripod, lenses, Bluetooth remote and Smartphone holder and the best part is that most kits are universal, so no matter what Smartphone your loved one has, the kit will work for them. 

Smartphone Armband 


These days Smartphones and fitness go hand in hand. Everything from tracking workouts and progress made, to diet and heart rate can be monitored using your Smartphone. That’s why Smartphone armbands are a must have, making them ideal gifts. They are available for all sizes and shapes of Smartphones and they come in a wide variety of designs and materials. 

Gaming Controller 


Yet another area in which Smartphones have become popular is gaming. Amazing graphics and a seemingly endless supply of free and premium games, means there’s something for everyone. If you know someone that loves their Smartphone especially for the games, then a Smartphone gaming controller would be the perfect gift this season. Choices include full on controllers that have a built in Smartphone holder, as well as simple stick on joystick controllers.

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