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25 May 15

Sell your phone

Phonefinder has recently partnered with a company that will, in a few easy steps value your old phone or tablet and negotiate a sale price with you in real time. That’s pretty useful especially is you have no further use for your old phone once your new phone arrives.

Zwipit may sound like a funny company but in fact it is a global company that specialises in one thing and one thing only - buying used and new mobile devices (smartphones, feature phones and tablets). Zwipit will then repair your used device and sell it onto other users at affordable prices.

Phonefinder chose Zwipit because only Zwipit ensures that your old devices doesn't end up polluting the environment in a landfill. Phonefinder is all about phones, not pollution. So if you can earn extra cash for your old phone and if someone else can make use of your refurbished phone – well that’s pretty cool. Zwipit, in its 5 years of existence, has bought and refurbished more than 1.5 million devices. So we are confident that you are in good hands.

How it works

  • Simply click here in order to submit your phone for valuation
  • You will then be presented with a quote
  • If you accept the quote a courier will be dispatched to a location of your choice
  • Upon collection you will be paid within 10 working day
  • It’s that easy.

Phonefinder will accept all makes and models, from Microsoft to Sony, from the latest Samsung Galaxy to the oldest Nokia. 

Get cash for your old mobile device now


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