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Fun Cell Phone Facts and Stats: South Africa
21 Oct 13

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South Africa may be on the path to being the most connected nation on Earth. With over 35 million active cell phones; South Africa currently ranks among the top 5 globally in terms of mobile phone coverage. That’s 84 mobile phones per 100 people!

We seem to be forming a special bond with our mobile devices so much so that cell phones have recently become the most popular telecommunication device in South Africa.

  • 35 million mobile phones
  • 28 million Radio
  • 27 million TV
  • 6 million personal computers.
  • 5 million use land-line
  • 70% of mobile subscribers do not own a land-line

With the growing accessibility of cell phones in South Africa it should come at no surprise that most South Africans are now accessing the internet for the first time thanks to the their Smart Phones and data packages. However it should be surprising to learn that S.A ranks fifth in the world for mobile data usage (the United States ranks only seventh).

S.A is however still a developing nation, with a vast percentage of the population being unemployed or struggling with their disposable income. For this reason cell phone contracts are not the primary means of the population.

Cell Phone Facts In South Africa
Cell Phone Facts In South Africa

Cell phone users in South Africa

    • 84% prepaid
    • 9% contract top-up
    • 7% post-paid contract base

There are four major cell phone network operators in South Africa, each competing rather heavily for market share. (2012 figures)

    • Vodacom (41% of the market)
    • MTN (40% of the market)
    • Cell C (18% of the market)
    • Telkom Mobile (1% of the market)

There were only 8.5 million internet users in South Africa at the end of 2011. This number is projected to grow to 25 million by 2020. This fact is rather optimistic since with the growth of cell phone accessibility comes the accessibility of information and education – and that can’t be a bad thing.

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