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Future of the Smartphone
30 Oct 14

Smart Phone Of The Future

The Smartphone of the future (or a month today) is likely to be way smarter, faster and cooler than your current phone. The technology is designed to keep up with consumers 24 month contracts – but how far will your pocked brain go, and to what end?

One idea is that your cell phone will soon be as powerful as a high powered computer, so all you will need is a phone and a display in order to get to work (or play World of Warcraft). Simply plug in your phone to an accessible screen (Bluetooth will do) and anything that you could do on a regular laptop or tablet would be accessible through your cellphone.

Another cool idea is that your phone will control your all of your gadgets. One remote to control them all. However imagine walking towards your car, the door opens, the engine starts and your favorite song is already playing. Or placing your phone on your night stand just before bedtime when your lights start to slowly dim. This is the world I want to live in.

Then of course there is the growing trend towards heath management. Soon your phone will become your personal physician, and you thought Dr House calls were over.

The future of cell phones is exciting, and since it is so fast moving the future is tomorrow…and the next day, and the day after that. 3D Screens and holograms won’t be too far off.

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