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Get in the Mood with these 5 Music Streaming Apps
08 Mar 18

Get in the Mood with these 5 Music Streaming Apps

There aren’t many occasions that music can’t set the mood for. Whether it’s braai with friends, a romantic night in or out with that special someone or just unwinding after a long day, music always adds that something extra. 

These days we’re lucky to have all the music we love at our fingertips thanks to streaming apps that have made finding the perfect song a breeze. We’ve chosen our top 5 music streaming apps that will surely leave your musical needs satisfied. 

Apple Music 

Apple Music has become a staple. It’s wildly successful because users get access to the entire iTunes Library, curated playlists and a 24hr radio station for those that prefer going with the flow and not having to spend too much time choosing their audio pleasure. 

When creating an account, you will be asked to select your musical preferences so that the app can get a feel for what you like. Apple Music has three membership options to choose from including Individual, Family and Student, all priced exceptionally well and delivering good value for your hard earned money. With the Family membership, access will be granted to 6 users. 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Students R29.99 / Individuals R59.99 / Families R89.99 

Google Play Music 

When Google does something, they really do it well! Not only is this app available to Android and iOS users, it’s also available in-browser and as an app in the Google Chrome Webstore. When you sign in you will be asked to select genres and artists so that the app can learn what you like and then start suggesting playlists based on your preferences. 

The great part about this app is that it has three parts to it. The first is the Locker which lets you upload your own music and matches these to existing content, but if a song cannot be matched, it will still store them for you. The second is the MP3 store where users can buy and download songs they want and the third part is the streaming service. 

Google Play Music comes as a free version and paid subscription version. 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Free and Paid (R59.99pm individuals / R89.99pm Families – 6 users) 


Not many people know this but Deezer was actually the first music streaming service, founded in 2007 in Paris, France. Since then Deezer has not slowed down its efforts to be the go-to for many music lovers around the world by providing lots of nifty features. 

It boasts local and international music catalogues which amount to 43 Million songs and counting. The unique Flow feature, intuitively learns from your music choices and creates a stream based on this. Deezer works across all devices, online and offline, and even provides the lyrics to songs to avoid unnecessary embarrassment when belting out your favourite song. 

Deezer is available completely free with ads or you could go the paid subscription route with Deezer Premium+ that is ad free, the choice is yours. 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Free, Premium+ (R59.99pm Individuals), Families (R89.99pm – 6 users) 


The baby of the bunch, Joox is the latest music streaming service around. While it only boasts 3 million songs, it’s set to steadily grow. There are free and paid versions to choose from, with some restrictions on what the free version allows users to do. 

Joox lets users sign up and link either their Facebook, WeChat or email accounts. Once done, users are presented with the Discover screen with curated playlists and charts for your listening pleasure. Another nice feature of Joox is the My Music tab, which contains all the music on your device so you can listen with ease. 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Free and Paid (VIP Individual R59.99pm) 


It may not have been the first, but Spotify is certainly the biggest music streaming service available at the moment. The service has over 159 million users in total, with 71 million of those being paid subscribers and offers a 30 million song strong catalogue with more than 20 000 songs being added daily. 

While South Africans have been able to access Spotify as a Premium subscriber in other markets, the service is officially set to be made available directly to the South African market soon, so keep an eye out for it with an announcement being made on 13 March 2018. 

OS: Android & iOS 

Price: Free and Paid (Pricing to be announced on launch)

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