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Get Ready for Black Friday with Phonefinder
10 Nov 17

Get Ready for Black Friday with Phonefinder


What is Black Friday? 

You may have heard of this crazy "holiday” and even gotten yourself some great deals because of it, but why it’s called Black Friday and how it came about still eludes most people. Black Friday began in the United States of America and falls on the day after Thanksgiving. It marks the official start to the Christmas shopping season in America, with major retailers taking part by providing promotional sales for shoppers to take advantage of, opening their doors as early as 6am. 

Shopping on Black Friday can be an exhilarating, somewhat dangerous experience, with many shoppers pushing and shoving trying to get the best deals on basically everything. 

Black Friday was previously only celebrated in America, but more recently, has grown to include countries from around the world, including South Africa. 

Black Friday Deals Sneak Peek

Black Friday Deals to Expect on Phonefinder 

This Black Friday we want to make it memorable for you! You’ll find the best smartphone contract deals with out of this world data, smses and call minutes for you to keep enjoying well after Black Friday has passed. 

There will also be amazing freebies on offer with certain contracts that include accessories like headphones, power banks and memory cards. The contract deals will only be available on Black Friday itself, so to avoid disappointment be sure to make your way onto Phonefinder as soon as you can. 

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