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How Cell Phone Signal Jamming Works
18 Feb 15
Cell Phone Jamming

Did you know that your cell phone reception can be jammed? It’s really not that complicated and can be done on a fairly large scale (as evident at Thursday’s State of the Nation address). 

So how does it work? 

Cellular signal are typically really robust but they are also easily disturbed. In order to cause enough disturbance all a "jammer” needs to do is cause lots of signal noise which simply overwhelms your cell phones reception. 

This is called "denial of service” or DOS. 

Since South Africa’s mobile network frequencies are no secret (900MHz, 1,800MHz, and 2,100MHz bands) it is not difficult to jam the signals (although it is illegal). 

So if you transmit enough noise at the right frequency then cell phones within range will not be able to tell the difference between true signal and noise.

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