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How Does a Touch-Screen Work?
16 Mar 14

Touch Screen Cell Phone

You may be interested how Touch-Screen Technology actually works.

Remember when cell phones were getting smaller and smaller? It seemed that the trend was heading towards creating phones for ants. Then with the launch of the iPhone in June 2007 "touch” suddenly came to the smart cell phone playing field. 

Touch-screen monitors quickly stopped the trend toward tiny phones and pathed the way for phablets, tablets and Windows 8. Now we finally have a way to interact more intuitively with our devices, so much so that children and grandparents can quickly learn how to play games like Angry Birds or tap on Apps to type an Email or open Skype. 

Thanks to the diminishing costs of Touch-Screen technology, manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Sony have been able to add "touch” to even their low-end affordable smart phone models.

This video will give you a fun crash course in touch screen technology.


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