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How To Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling In South Africa
15 Mar 15
WhatsApp Voice Calling

If you don’t already have WhatsApp then we are confused how you are chatting to your friends; because everyone is on WhatsApp! Over 700 million users worldwide are on WhatsApp and now the popular chat app has released their much anticipated voice call functionality. 

However it’s not that easy. Just by having WhatsApp doesn't mean that you can suddenly call your friends from the app. Nope, instead you will need to be invited to joining the voice calling service of the app, and it’s only available to smartphone owners on Android. 

How to get invited: First you will need to upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp (Version 2.12.7). Then you will need to receive a call from someone who is already on the service (which begs the question; "how did they have it activated?”). 

Once you receive a call from someone already on WhatsApp Call then you will instantly be upgraded to the new service. You will then become a really popular person because all your Android using friends will want you to call them and help activate their WhatsApp Call. 

Warning: Be aware that there will be scams going around which will try and exploit your excitement for the WhatsApp call feature. Please do not download any additional software for your phone. Only trust Apps on trusted and reputable website (the Google Play Store is the best place to download any app).


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