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How To Become the Best Smartphone Photographer Ever!
18 Sep 17

How to Become the Best Smartphone Photographer, Ever!

Smartphone Photography
Gone are the days of having to carry around a camera. Well not really, since our smart phones come with a camera, talk about an improvement! This means we never have to miss out on capturing those perfect moments or even something interesting that looks like it should be forever immortalized. Sure, smart phone cameras aren’t as great as their counterparts just yet, which have the sole purpose of, well, being a camera, but they’re still quite capable of getting the job done. We’ve put together some helpful tips that will get you snapping like a pro in no time! 

Know What Your Smartphone Camera Can Do

Camera Settings 
First things first! Get to know your Smartphone’s camera. Nothing beats simply playing around with the camera and all its functions. From trying out the different shooting modes, to manually adjusting the settings that impact what your picture will look like once taken, getting to know your camera is the most important step. 

Get a Great Smartphone Camera App

Smartphone Camera Apps 
The camera app that comes standard with your phone is good. But, you want great if you’re to become the best smart phone photographer ever. There are more than enough apps available for download to help take your smart phone photography skills to the next level, so be sure to shop around on your devices app store and take the time to read some of the reviews. This will help you make your decision on which app will work best for you. 

Get a Great Photo Editing App

Smartphone Photo Edit Apps

You might have an eye for photography, but you’ll need the right tools to bring out the best in the images you capture. You may have found a camera app that already has editing capabilities, if not, definitely find yourself an app for editing. With a good editing app, you can ditch the flash and go easy on the filters. The flash on smart phone camera’s tend to add a harsh light to your pictures, which will more than likely ruin them. Filters on the other hand can help make your pictures look great, but use them sparingly, everyone is already using the same filters, your goal is to stand out. 

Consider Add-on Equipment

Smartphone Equipment and Accessories 
Smart phone cameras have been around for a while, getting better and better with each new smart phone that enters the market. So, it makes perfect sense that there are accessories you can buy to increase the quality and functionality. Attachable lenses, for example, can take your photography to another level with effects like fish eye and wide angle shots to name a few. Other accessories like tripods and monopods (selfie sticks) have got to be on the top of the list. Your smart phones stabilizing feature can only do so much and if we want to avoid blurred shots, then a tripod or monopod can become your best investment when capturing crisp and clear pictures. 

Composition Matters

Photo Composition

If you really want to become the best smart phone photographer you can be, it would definitely help to get familiar with the rules of composition. Most people hear the word rules and run for the hills, but these will help you more than you know. Now that doesn’t mean you have to study hard every day, it’s more of a guide. Knowing a little about aspects like positioning, angles and lighting, can take your smart phone photography to new heights. Something as simple as taking a moment to line up your shot makes a world of difference too. Also, avoid zooming as much as possible. When you use the zoom function on your smart phone camera, the picture will lose quality, instead try and get as close as you can to your subject.

Phonefinder tools

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