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How to Clean your Smartphone Screen the Right Way
04 Oct 17

How to Clean your Smartphone Screen the Right Way


Just like our cars, our Smartphones deserve to be kept clean and looking good. Many people think simply wiping it down with anything does the job, what we tend to forget is that some materials are abrasive and can scratch the screen of the Smartphone. Here are some tips that will help you out and keep your Smartphone looking as good as possible without causing any damage. 

Microfiber Cloths

These are the kind of cloths that are used to clean prescription lenses, camera lenses and sunglasses too. They are soft enough to not cause any scratching, while still being an effective tool to clean sensitive surfaces, like your Smartphone screen. Simply wipe your screen in a downwards motion and if need be try a circular motion. A microfiber cloth should be good enough to do the job, if not just try applying a little water to the cloth and repeat. 

Sticky Tape

For a quick clean or to remove some stubborn dust or debris, sticky tape works great! All you have to do is apply a piece of tape to the area you want clean up and quickly pull it off. If however, you plan on cleaning the whole screen, be sure to keep an eye on the piece of tape as it will accumulate dust and debris, if so, just keep using a new piece of tape and the job will be done. 

Vinegar Mixture

Many people swear by this method so if you don’t mind your smartphone smelling slightly like vinegar, you can give it a try. Just mix equal parts of vinegar and distilled water, lightly wet the corner of a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down your screen. With a dry corner of the same cloth, remove any excess moisture and you’re all done. 


Good ‘ol water! It might be tempting to use a fancy screen cleaner, however, water does the job just as well. No need to spend a lot on a product that could potentially damage the protective coating on your smartphone if it contains alcohol. 


A clean screen is not done until you’ve ventured into those hard to reach corners and edges of your Smartphone. But this can be difficult just using a cloth or tape. To make sure you’ve done the best job you can, try using a Q-tip. They’re small enough to get into the hard to reach areas and your smartphone will look like new again.

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