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How to find the perfect cellular solution
28 Sep 13

Visit www.phonefinder.co.za to find the best cellular solution in South Africa |

Need to find the best cell phone deal? Let Phonefinder do the work.

South Africa has one of the largest mobile phone markets in the world. With over 29 million mobile phones in circulation (and only 6 million personal computers) it is easy to see how cell phones have penetrated the South African market.

However, even though the mobile phone industry is so important in South Africa, the cellular and data contract marketplace in South Africa is crowded, confusing and hard to compare.

South Africa has 4 major Network Providers. Each Network have multiple talk-plans. Every talk-plan can be attached to a mobile device to create a contract and there are many mobile devices on the market. This flexibility in creating cell phone contracts leads to many thousands of options - andconfusion.

There are over 2000 unique cell phone and data contract deals in South Africa. How are you meant to find the perfect solution with so much choice?

Phonefinder cuts through the confusion, letting you compare over 2000 deals in seconds.

We know that your mobile phone is one of the most important gadgets you own. It's more than just a handset – it takes pictures, captures video, sends emails, plays music, surfs the web connects you to those closest to you and keeps you informed with local, international and micro news.

Cell phone contracts are typically 24 months. Being on the wrong contract could lead to expensive bills. It's important to compare mobile phones carefully and find theperfect cellular solution.

Use Phonefinder and save money

Phonefinder lists every package available in South Africa.

Phonefinder is South Africa's only Cellular Contract Comparison Site

Compareg every deal

This includes all contract deals from Vodacom, MTN, Cell c, 8ta (Telkom Mobile) and Virgin Mobile.

Find the perfect cellular solution in seconds

Phonefinder’s quick search, filter and sort tools allow you to find the perfect cellular solution in seconds

The best deal for you saves you money

Finding the perfect deal means that you get exactly what you pay for and you pay only for exactly what you need. No more wasted minutes or using expensive out-of-bundle data.

Below are some tips for selecting the perfect cell phone contract.

1. Number Porting: Switch

Don’t be afraid to switch networks for a better deal. Today you can switch networks and keep your existing cell phone number

Your cell phone number means a lot to you, so don’t give it up. With number-porting you can switch to any network and keep your cellphone number. This is a service offered by Network Service Providers.

With Number-Porting becoming more and more popular the Networks (MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile South Africa, Vodacom, Telkom Mobile – 8ta) have increased their value-added services, adjusted their price plans and have created deals which are individually-suited to more consumers than ever before (there are over 2000 deal possibilities).

A startling statistic is that 95% of subscribers have remained with their network for around 4.2 years. We hope to change that and allow people to make the choice that is best for their needs. Staying with the same Network used to be necessary in order to keep the same contact number, but not anymore thanks to Number Porting (a free service offered by any Service Provider)

2. Understand your habits

Before you compare mobile phone tariffs investigate your habits. Know what you need, be it mostly SMS, minutes or Data.

Look at the last 3 months of your existing mobile phone usages. Then estimate what habits could potentially change going forward (maybe you are moving to your first smart-phone, this means that you need data).

You will now have a good estimate of how much data and how many minutes and SMSs you need.

3. Minutes: Peak, Off-Peak, Weekend, AnyTime

While it looks like more and more price plans are offering anytime minutes it is important to ensure that your price plan offers you with minutes which you will actually use. Make sure that if you only make off-peak calls that you get a contract best suited to your habits.

4. Add bundles: Add SMS and Data to your best deal

We will be offering this feature very soon, but in the meantime you can ask a sales assistant from the appropriate Service Provider about bundles. Bundles offer the best value since they are not tied into your contract. You can ass bundles whenever you wish and you can also cancel them whenever you wish.

5. Use Phonefinder to put your knowledge to work

Phonefinder lists all Service Provider’s deals so that you can compare every deal.

With over 2000 unique deals in the marketplace you can easily understand why Phonefinder exists.


Phonefinder is South Africa's cell phone comparison website. Helping you find the best cellular solution. Saving you money

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