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How to increase your Android battery life by up to 4 hours - with just 1 picture!
01 Apr 14
Upgrade Circuitry

Frustrated about your phones decreasing battery time?
If you are like millions of cell phone users worldwide then you are in luck!

It turns out that Android devices are able to receive hardware updates through QR code and optical inception.

All you need to do is download a QR code reader (standard on many new Android devices) and take a quick snap shot of the image above. Your phones circuitry will automatically realign themselves to become more energy efficient. This quick and free update will allow your battery to deliver up to 4 hours of more power to your phone.

How to perform the update
After downloading a QR Code reader 

- Take 4 pictures of the image above
- Each picture needs to have the QR code centered on your phone

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