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How wireless charging in your cell phone works
08 Feb 16

"My grandfather invented the wireless extension cord” is a tall-tale joke that has come true. The wireless charger has been with us for some time and it has now been perfected to such an extent that Google is even experimenting with wireless car charges. The future is here, and it is great! 

Place your phone or tablet on a charging mat and watch it charge the battery. Magic right? Not exactly. 

In fact there is little difference to the wireless charger many electronic toothbrushes use than that of your cell phone, however your cell phone’s wireless charger certainly looks cooler. 

Many Android smart phones have adopted wireless charges to stand out from the crowd of smart phones. It has been this difference (and the fact that the marketing department at Samsung knows how to milk the difference) which has caught the eye of many consumers. 

In act wireless charging isn’t wireless charging at all – there are still wires involved, they just don’t connect into your phone. 

Wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In the simplest of terms this is how it all works (but watch the video below) 
  • Your android phone has coils inside of it 
  • So does the wireless phone charger 
  • When the two device’s coils get close enough then magnetism and vibration sends small amounts of power across the gap between them 
  • The power generated from the magnetism is what charges your phone’s battery 
  • However it takes longer to charge and costs more than conventional means of cell phone charging. 

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