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Jolla - The New Nokia
01 Jan 15
Jolla Smart Phone

You may have already heard of Jolla; the cell phone claiming to be the answer to what the world needs. Their company slogan says it all "The world doesn't need yet another smartphone – it needs a new way of thinking”.

So what is Jolla?

Jolla’s story begins at Nokia (recently acquired by Microsoft). When Nokia began losing markets are in the cell phone market they decided to develop a brand new operating system (OS) which was to be known eventually as MeeGo. It was the MeeGo team at Nokia which left Nokia in order form Jolla which was to become an independent designer, developer and vendor of mobile devices and smart phones. Jolla also developed their own OS and named it Sailfish.

Jolla’s first Tablet device raised more than $800,000 on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. They did this in less than 24 hours! Obviously there is a lot of hope for cell phone manufacturer claiming to offer "a new way of thinking”.

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