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LTE Advance – what is it
06 Jul 16

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LTE Advanced (or just LTE-A) is the next generation broadband technology which is going to make your life so much faster. From streaming Netflix or Dstv roaming to accessing maps or Facebook from your phone to WhatsApp calls and photo sharing. LTE-A is going to make your internet surfing a frightfully fast experience. 

In fact LTE-A actually delivers true 4G speeds, speeds which regular LTE doesn’t always deliver. This will mean up to 3 times faster data transfer than regular LTE. 

Current 4G that does not offer LTE-A could actually be more accurately named as "Super 3G” since it does not technically meet all of the 4G requirements, only some of them.

"Cell C has become the leading innovator in the South African mobile telecommunications industry. We were the first and only provider to embrace over-the-top services, like Facebook and WhatsApp, by offering free access and true value to customers for services they love. Cell C was the first and currently only operator to offer Wi-Fi Calling giving customers wider coverage and an affordable alternative to international roaming by making any Wi-Fi hotspot a mini Cell C base station. Now we are the first operator in the country to bring LTE-A on such a large scale covering three of the largest metros in SA,” says Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos. 

LTE-A isn’t only about a faster internet experience thought. It will also bring more stability and coverage. This will improve data streaming, voice and streamless connectivity. 

"Cell C is committed to becoming the broadband destination of choice for South African consumers and the commercial launch of our LTE-A network just reiterates that promise to our customers,” says Dos Santos.

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