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Mobile Data Strain On The Way In South Africa
21 Feb 15
Data Deals In South Africa

Recently an article published on Fin24.com reported on a possible mobile data crunch that may be headed for South Africa. Experts are warning that the number of mobile data users and their data usage are growing faster than the available spectrum can handle. 

So what does this all mean? 

Well unless more mobile data spectrum is made available the demand for data will come under severe strain. The problem is that in South Africa operators are in constant battles with regulators over the continued delay over spectrum allocation. 

So it’s not just the small guys fighting for service in South Africa, it’s also the big guys who are affected by political negligence and failed promises. 

The migration to digital terrestrial television will be a major breakthrough for mobile broadband since this migration will free up additional spectrum for mobile operators to roll out high speed fourth generation networks. 

The deadline of Digital Migration is set for 15 June 2015, however many deadlines have been set and many deadlines have been missed. 

Why LTE take-up is so slow 

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