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MTN Deals That May Surprise You
02 Nov 15
You may have noticed MTN in the papers recently – however their press coverage has been focusing on the wrong things! This season MTN have been releasing some pretty risky and different cell phone deals, some may confuse you, others may excite you. All MTN deals are without doubt affordable and attractive as far as data and voice goes. 

What are we talking about? Have a look at these MTN cell phone contract deals and make up your own mind. 

First up is the oddly popular Apple iPhone 4S (8 GB). You may be confused why such an old phone is doing so well on Phonefinder, but the answer is easy. At R129 per month and with 50 minutes and 100MB of data, this deal is actually pretty solid. MTN must have foreseen this cell phone deal flying off the shelves because we were warned that stocks may not last. 

Apple iPhone 4s

The next phone MTN attached a superb offering to, was the LG G3 Beat on MTN AnyTime 50 + 100. This deal comes at R159 per month and offers 24 minutes and 100 MB of data. This phone is pretty cool, its fast (1.2GHz processor) and has a great camera (8-megapixel rear camera). 


Then there is an old favorite to South Africa, BlackBerry. This manufacturer has gone from hero to, well not quite zero. BlackBerry remains a favorite within certain circles. It may be the cheap data, or the status of old, either way this cell phone manufacturer has found special favor with MTN’s bundles, especially the BlackBerry Z3. At R199 per month MTN has an excellent deal on their AnyTime 100 TopUP. This particular deal comes with + 100 MB Data and 48 minutes.

BlackBerry Z3

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