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MTN Rising In Popularity On Phonefinder
26 Oct 15
MTN Deals On Phonefinder

Phonefinder lists over 5000 cellular contract deals from all of South Africa’s leading cellular network service operators. From Network direct deals from MTN, Cell C, Telkom and MTN to Service Provider deals from AG Mobile and Smart Mobile, Phonefinder makes sure that you are able to compare every contract deal on the market. 

Since Phonefinder compares every deal and monthly phone contract special deal in South Africa we are also able to identify trends and spot which deals are rising to the top – and it is no mystery as to which deals are being requested the most on Phonefinder this month. The Network with the contract deals in the spotlight this month is MTN. 

MTN South Africa have actually surprised us this month. For most of this year MTN contract deals have been staggering behind other networks such as Vodacom and Cell C. Telkom too have been overshadowing MTN deals. However it is not an ambiguous comparison this month, MTN deals are by far the most chosen deals on Phonefinder. Over 60% of all deals selected on Phonefinder have been MTN contracts (mainly voice). 

It isn’t only on Phonefinder where we see the growing number of MTN subscribers – infact MTN South Africa has increased its subscriber numbers by over 2% this year. 

This is not to say that MTN direct deals are the most sought after. Phonefinder also lists deals from Smart Mobile and AG Mobile, both service providers specialise in the lower credit score market. However even our most popular Smart Mobile and AG Mobile plans happen to be MTN. 

The MTN deals under the spotlight are really great deals. You may have noticed the Apple iPhone 6 Plus has landed in South Africa. Well MTN have a deal for R449 per month that comes with 50 anytime any-net minutes, 500 MB of data and 50 SMSs. Another excellent deal is the much older Apple, the iPhone 4s. Now some of you may be wondering why such an old phone is so popular, well that would be because of the price. At only R109 per month the iPhone 4s deal on MTN is really unbeatable. Then there is the MTN BlackBerry deals. BlackBerry is still clinging onto the title as one of the best smartphones on the market – and they have made a really big "last stand” in South Africa. MTN in particular have had a really big impact for BlackBerry on Phonefinder where the smartphone manufacturer sees loads of attention, especially the BlackBerry Z3. 

The reasons for MTNs big turnaround on Phonefinder may be their great cell phone and data deals, but it is most likely also their own marketing initiatives and their new specialised services unique to their Network. 

Smaller initiatives such as MTNs focus on supporting the arts and music have led to MTN securing exclusive rights to Adele’s "Hello” track for their subscribers caller ring back (CRB). If you are an MTN customer then you can download it by dialing *123*53# at 50c per week.” 

"We have done a lot of work in promoting music in the digital space, with Music+ being one of our key offerings that has given artists across the continent a bigger platform to market their music. We are humbled and pleased that our efforts in the music space are being acknowledged and recognised, and we are looking forward to similar partnerships of this nature going forward,” Larry Annetts, Sales and Marketing Executive for MTN South Africa. 

MTN has also invested heavily in its data infrastructure, most notably its 3G infrastructure. "The group continued to invest in its 3G network, catering for increased demand for data services. During the quarter, we added 3 800 3G sites and 1 357 LTE sites. This, together with increased 3G device penetration, resulted in more than 100% year-on-year increase in data traffic across our operations," says MTN Group president and CEO, Sifiso Dabengwa. This is probably why so many Phonefinder users have great faith in ordering such large MTN data deals. 

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