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New Smartphones Launching in South Africa in 2019
31 Jan 19

New phones

Mobile phones have come a long way from their humble, brick-like beginnings. Even with the smartphones we wield today, with all their wickedly clever capabilities that we couldn’t imagine living without, it’s still surprising to see these devices evolve further. Mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and Sony spent 2018 priming the eager public for that next big thing, and in 2019, it looks like we’ll see the fruits of their labour.

From the latest releases by Samsung and Apple to the development of the perfected foldable smartphone, 2019 has a lot in store for tech-lovers, especially by way of smartphones. This year’s releases have something for everyone, whether you are the tech-nerd, the wistful nostalgist, or the aspiring insta-queen.

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Into the fold: Could foldable smartphones go mainstream?

The first ever foldable smartphone officially graced the world toward the end of 2018. Royole’s FlexiPai made its debut in November to relatively underwhelming reception. While it could not be denied its "world’s first ever” status, the news of the FlexiPai quickly took second place to rumours about Samsung’s first swing in the folding smartphone game. Around the time of FlexiPai’s launch, Samsung scandalously unveiled its prototype for the Samsung Galaxy X and announced a potential launch for April 2019.

With Samsung’s reputation for sleek, sexy devices, the rumours around the Galaxy X suggest we won’t be disappointed. Essentially two devices in one, the Galaxy X smartphone folds out into a tablet-style display, powered by multiple battery packs, two 12-MP cameras on the rear and one 8-MP camera on the front, and a display made of Samsung’s "indestructible” (because you know someone’s going to put that to the test), flexible OLED screen. Will this tablet phone / smartphone be all it’s cracked up to be? Pre-order yours today on Phonefinder and find out for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+

If you aren’t excited for Samsung’s latest additions to its S series, the anticipation has probably killed you already. If you still thought Samsung’s Galaxy S9 was something to write home about, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Samsung is spoiling us in 2019 by releasing not one, not two, but three S10 devices. The phones’ size should reportedly be about 5.8 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches. The smallest of the phones may feature a flat display screen as opposed to the curved displays of the others. Instagram users should be thrilled by a trio of rear cameras and a front pinhole-style camera (which Samsung calls its "Infinity O display”), meaning more high-quality snaps with more display space on which to admire them. The only non-surprise is the inclusion of the Snapdragon 855 tech, which is practically running all non-iPhone devices, and Android Pie operating system. Along with all these enhanced features, Samsung has promised a battery strong enough to give you all the power you need to enjoy them.

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Samsung S10

LG G8 ThinQ

The Mobile World Congress is only the second most exciting thing happening in Barcelona, Spain. The day before the congress, LG’s latest innovation is set to take smartphone users by storm with the launch of the LG G8 ThinQ. While early theories about the new flagship smartphone from LG’s G series said that it would be a foldable phone a la Royole and Samsung, but later leaked design renders revealed that LG may be taking a more conventional approach. What is not part of that conventional approach is the possible shift from the traditional speaker grill to the Sound on Display technology native to many LG televisions. This should make for quality display, sound, and all-round photo quality.

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Nokia 9 PureView: A new point of view

Another smartphone set to make waves at the Mobile World Congress is the latest innovation from Nokia. If the rumours are to be believed, the Nokia 9 PureView is every Instagram star’s dream. This smartphone is among the small set of newly released smartphones that is sporting the punch hole camera as part of its display. Unlike Samsung and Apple, whose phones feature only two or three rear cameras, the Nokia 9 PureView is sporting a whopping five Zeiss-lensed cameras! Gee, do you think it’s trying to compensate for something? Like the size of its – oh, never mind; this flagship smartphone is supposed to have either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. All jokes aside, this Nokia should have quite an impact with its various alleged safety features like a fingerprint scanner built into the screen and an iris scanner, similar to the Samsung S9. Add to that the impressive processing power of its Snapdragon 845 operating system (although other sources claim it may actually use Snapdragon 855) and a hefty 3,800mAh battery, and Nokia is bringing the hardy quality it has always been known for.

Xperia XZ4

Tall, slim, beautiful… and has 6GB of RAM, while running on Snapdragon 855. After a few let-downs in 2018, Sony is determined to win back the market with its latest offering at the Mobile World Congress in February. Unlike its predecessors, the Sony Xperia XZ4 features the largest screen ratio to date for a Sony phone – 21:9, instead of the earlier 18:9 or 19:9 aspect ratio, depending on the presence of a notch. Also contrary to its predecessor, the XZ4’s display should be entirely flat, unlike the XZ3, whose screen curves at the edges. Sony Mobile made clear promises that this new Sony smartphone should offer a much better camera experience. Images leaked in the run-up seem to indicate we can look forward to a vertical stack of a trio of rear camera sensors. Now word though on what purpose all these camera sensors should serve. Meanwhile, the phone also boasts a set of two front-facing camera sensors. Unfortunately, it seems this phone won’t include a headphone jack either.

So, is the Xperia XZ4 going to be the phone of our dreams or will it turn out like my last blind date? (At least, a mobile phone is easier to run away from.) Pre-order yours on Phonefinder.

Xperia XZ4

New iPhone to end 2019 with a bang

While Samsung is serving up many offerings to thrill smartphone-users in 2019, Apple fans insist the tech-giant is bound to stay in the lead with yet another new iPhone, due to hit markets later in the year. Hot on the heels of Apple’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, Apple is keeping iPhone users on their toes with even more new features. One mind-blowing development is the potential change to the USB-C connection due to the EU’s renewed push for a universal phone charging standard last year. Could it happen or is this wishful thinking?

One of the designs being considered features a horizontal rear camera module at the top of the phone, containing three camera lenses with the center lens sporting a flash unit. This same rendering also has a notch, although other potential designs feature a punch hole display. One under-performing feature that may get the axe is iPhone’s 3D Touch, which has already been scrapped from the iPhone XR.

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Final word from Phil:While you are bound to see these phones featured on Phonefinder soon enough (at incredibly competitive prices, mind you), you can pre-order whatever of the above phones took your fancy or check out the equally exciting phone contract deals already on offer here.

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