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Noise pollution: the future to charging your phone!
17 Aug 14
Charge Your Smartphone With Sound
Scientists from Queen Mary University of London and researchers at Nokia have found a way to use sound energy to charge your mobile devices.

Ambient sound (aka: atmospheric sounding, background noise or noise pollution) is the focus of Scientists from Queen Mary University of London and researchers at Nokia.

These bright-sparks have built a mobile device that is charged up (a tiny little bit) by noise pollution (e.g.: traffic, honking car hooters or loud music). 

In a nutshell the technology takes sound-energy and turns it into electricity. The idea isn't to eliminate the cell phone battery completely, but rather to prolong a battery charge and reduce recharging (that’s great for the environment). 

However this technology is far away from a smart phone near you, so it might be a long while before shouting at your phone is socially acceptable.

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