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Phone Battery Blues - Tips, Tricks and Facts to Get Through Loadshedding
11 Feb 15
Cellphone Charging Tips

Everyone knows that size doesn't count, in fact the smaller the better - its stamina that counts. We are of course talking about cell phone batteries.
Your phone is important to you, you rely on it for information, navigation, communication, safety and of posting pictures of cats on the internet. However load shedding has made it ever more important to understand how to take care of your phone battery and extend its life.

When it comes to cell phone batteries the smaller the better, and almost by rule that is exactly what is happening. In fact if your cell phone battery had to increase in size every time cell phone manufacturers launched a new phone with more capabilities - well then eventually every cell phone contract would have to come with a gym contract just so that you can be strong enough to lift your phone.

The problem is of course not the size of your cell phone battery, but instead the battery stamina.

Most batteries start off promising (and often delivering) up to 21 hours of talk time and over 390 hours standby time, however with time, and as your phone fills up with apps and pictures this promise often falls very short.

So until scientists invent the ever-lasting battery the below tips which we at Phonefinder have put together should help you ensure that your smart phone lasts the whole day - let’s make load shedding slightly less scary.

Firstly let’s kill off a few charging myths and put you at ease

Cell phone charging tips

There are many myths when it comes to charging your phone, most are completely wrong. By debunking these charging myths we hope to put you at ease when it comes to protecting your battery.

1. Don’t use your phone while it’s on charge

Status: Rubbish!

In fact you can use your phone while it is on charge, just as long as you are using a quality charger that is in good condition (no exposed wires please!).

2. Using non-brand chargers will destroy your battery

Status: Rubbish!
Well, to an extent. Non-brand or white-label brands are good, it’s the cheap knockoffs which you must avoid at all costs. The general rule of thumb is that if the charger is sold in-store then it is safe (all non-brand chargers will be approved by a governing body).

3. Don’t leave your phone charging all night

Status: Rubbish!

Your smart phone is, well, a smart phone. Once it’s fully charged it stops charging. So you can leave it charging all night, although if it’s full already then probably best not charge it some more (for energy conservation reasons).

4. Switching your phone off now and again is good for your battery

Status: True

Experts agree that turning your phone off at least once a week is a good idea to preserve your phone battery.

5. Wait until your phone battery is completely drained before recharging

Status: Rubbish 

Waiting until your phone is dead before recharging is called a "deep charge” and it is in fact not good for your battery. Instead charge your battery as it reaches 40%.

6. Heat will ruin your battery

Status: True

In fact even extreme cold will ruin your battery (so don’t cool your phone down in the fridge).

Tip: Buy an Emergency Power Device

cell phone charging tips

Phonefinder has a range of emergency power devices in the Phone Shop.

Nowadays you can purchase an emergency power bank that is small enough to fit in that small awkward inside-pocket in your jean’s pocket. 

Power banks offer convenient and portable charging solutions for your mobile devices. These emergency power banks are rechargeable and hold onto their charge for weeks, just waiting for you to plug in your depleted device.

House Cleaning. General Tips to Preserve Battery Life

cell phone cleaning tips

The below quick tips are intended to add on a few precious hours to your phone battery during times of need. Load-shedding can force us into a corner where we have to choose between an extended battery or surfing Facebook.

1. Delete power hungry and unnecessary apps.
2. Switch off sync. If you don't need instant emails or immediate Tweet alerts then this simple act will go along way to preserving battery.
3. Switch off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS when you do not need them. Of course during power outages you won't need WiFi anyway because your modem will be off.
4. Switch off widgets and live wallpaper.
5. Turn the brightness of your phone down.
6. Change to a duller background image. The brighter your background the more power your phone's LCD will use.
7. Update your apps (the latest versions use less battery). Wait until you can recharge your phone before updating your apps.

The Future of Battery Charging: Ultra-Fast

future smart phones

StoreDot have done it! They invented a battery charger that takes just 30 seconds to deliver a full charge to an empty battery. Watch it in action below.

We hope that the above tips help you. At the very least they should give you an extra hour or two of phone time. If however your cell phone battery is beyond saving with a simple tip then it might of course be time for a cell phone contract upgrade – in that case have a look at the phone deals on Phonefinder, we compare every deal on offer from all Networks and Service Providers.

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