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Phone Vs Phone - iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6
24 Apr 15
Every week Phil of Phonefinder will dig through the data on Phonefinder in order to identify which phone is winning the cell phone battle in South Africa. Hopefully Phil’s digging will help you decide which phone to get. 

Phonefinder sees over 5000 visitors a day and every visitor has specific cell phone contract needs, be it a particular phone, budget minutes or data. In order to conduct his research Phil has used Google Analytic to identify which Phones are being selected on Phonefinder the most. 

Today’s Match: Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge and Flat) Vs Apple iPhone 6 (Regular and Plus).

Currently the two power house smart phones on the market are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6. There is no denying that the two smartphones offer unbeatable performance. 

On one hand there is the Samsung’s Exynos 7420 processor which is backed by 3GB of RAM. Apple’s A8 processor only offers 1GB of RAM. However Apple ensures that all apps and content are carefully tailored to the hardware inside its handsets – so its processor ends up running more efficiently. 

Which phone is most popular on Phonefinder? 

The results may not surprise you at all, unless you do not want an Apply iPhone 6 that is. The results are however neck to neck.

Iphone 6
Apple iPhone 6 (41%)see deals
Apple iPhone 6 Plus (16%) see deals

Samsung Galaxy s6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (10%) see deals
Samsung Galaxy S6 Flat (33%) see deals


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