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Phonefinder - Comparing Phone Contract Deals for 12 Months
02 Nov 15


It has been close to 12 months now since Phonefinder has opened both saloon doors to South African online traffic. Since then the reception to the service has been incredible. Thousands of visitors make use of Phonefinder every day to compare cellular deals.

Phonefinder lists every cellular deal which they can get their hands and then lists these deals in an orderly fashion for users to compare and select. The deals can rage in their thousands (8887 at the time of writing) which isn’t surprising when you consider that a cell phone deal comprises of a Network Tariff attached to a phone or tablet. The Networks themselves have many tariffs and each tariff is attached to a unique device, at any one time there can be up to 241 tariffs and 252 different devices combined together to make unique price plans.

Comparing 8887 deals is a tough job for any individual, and making a 2 year commitment requires a thorough comparison – so luckily Phonefinder exists.

"We started the company on a shoestring budget back in 2012, but we have matured since then and now we understand our market a whole lot better. The evidence in that is purely in how many people we assist every day”. Says Lance Krom, CEO of Phonefinder. Phonefinder currently receives close to 5000 daily visits, 60% of whom use Phonefinder for over 8 minutes. These users make use of the tools available on Phonefinder to scrutinise the cell phone contract listings – then 8 minutes later request a call from the appropriate service provider. Eight minutes, that’s all that is needed to find the best deal out of a heap of 8887.

Phonefinder is responsible for connecting over 2000 South Africa’s with their ideal contract, however Phonefinder isn’t only about helping consumers find cell phone contract deals, they also assist in matching customers with cell phone repairs and adding value added services (VAS) to consumer’s phones. "VAS is actually a surprisingly booming part of our business, we have sold around 1200 services dedicated to protecting consumer’s phones. The service is much like Tracker for a car, except that this is for your phone. Our customers love it”.

Over the past 12 months some really interesting statistics have been emerging.

The top 4 Networks fought head to head on Phonefinder, however MTN is taking the lead and has been at the head for 2 months now.

Cell C17.10%
Other (Virgin Mobile, Smart Mobile, AG Mobile)9.27%

The top devices should come as no surprise. A short drive to any destination will show the manufacturers with the budget for big billboard advertisements, it are those manufacturers who are cleaning up on Phonefinder.


In fact only BlackBerry should surprise one as a popular deal in South Africa since the manufacturers, once descried by Fortune as the quickest growing company of the year in 2009, has been in the losing market share world-wide. South Africa however shows a different statistic, BlackBerry (in particular the BlackBerry Z3) is highly popular on Phonefinder.

In fact the most popular phones on Phonefinder over the last 12 months include the BlackBery Z3.

BlackBerry Z36.86%
Apple iPhone 4S8.86%
Samsung Galaxy Tab 43.97%
Apple iPhone 63.37%
Huawei Ascend P83.04%
Apple iPhone 62.52%

Phonefinder is a free to use service which generates revenue through sales. The contracts listed are the same price in store, however Phonefinder create a hassle free, queue free service.

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