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Phonefinder FAQ
12 Oct 17

Phonefinder FAQ


What is Phonefinder?

Simply put; Phonefinder is a free to use Smartphone, Tablet and Data contract comparison engine that gives you the opportunity to quickly find the right deal for your budget and needs. The four major cell phone Network providers (Cell C, MTN, Telkom and Vodacom) are all present on Phonefinder, so it really is a one stop solution for anyone looking for a great Smartphone contract deal.

Why Use Phonefinder to Find Your Next Contract Deal?

Phonefinder lists every contract deal so that you can make an informed decision, and then instantly connects you to the service provider for your chosen deal. So if you’re in the market for a new Smartphone, Tablet or Data contract deal, then Phonefinder can help you make it happen as easily as click, click and click!

Will Phonefinder Ever Charge Me for Anything?

Phonefinder is a FREE to use contract comparison service. This means that you are able to use the website as much as you like, without ever being charged for anything.

How Does Phonefinder Work?

Phonefinder makes the process of finding a great Smartphone or data contract easy by providing standard options to search by, with the option to filter and sort the results by manufacturer, price, minutes, data and SMSs. Once you find a deal that you like, click on it and fill in the contact form. Phonefinder will then pass on your details to the cellular Network provider who will take over from there.

What are The Requirements for my Contract being Approved?

Since taking out a cell phone contract is like getting a loan you will be required to pass a credit check. The cellular Network providers will conduct their own credit check (Phonefinder does not score you). In general, as long as you are employed, have been employed for over 6 months, you are not blacklisted and have a clean credit history, you should be fine!

What are the Required Documents that the Network will ask for?

Generally the following documents are required in line with the FICA Act:

A copy of your valid ID or Passport

Proof of residence e.g. Utility bill (not older than 3 months)

What if I Don’t Meet The Requirements?

Phonefinder will assist where possible by passing you on to one of our other trusted service providers (Credit Friendly Service Providers), who will try their best to assist you in getting a contract deal.

If I am declined on one Network will another approve me?

Each cellular Network provider will conduct their own credit check and have their own set of requirements that must be met. If you are declined by one Network, you can apply with a different Network and potentially be successful.

Why Have I not Been Contacted?

The Network provider that your details are sent to, receives many contract applications daily but they will always try their best to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Another factor to consider is that they need to conduct a credit check and verify all your details, which also takes time. If however, you don’t receive a call after a few days have passed since submitting your details, your contract application may have been unsuccessful. If that is the case, you can email us on info@phonefinder.co.za with your details and we will follow up with the Network provider for you and if need be pass on your details to one of our other trusted service providers.

Can I switch cellular Networks?

This question can be answered in two parts.

The contract that you apply for is through a specific cellular Network and lasts for 24 months. As part of the contract deal you choose, the Network could provide you with data, smses and call minutes. So in order to receive the full value of the contract, you will need to remain with the Network for the full 24 month period.

Once the 24 month period is over and you choose not to renew your contract, you will own your Smartphone and cell phone number and become a prepaid subscriber, which means you are free to switch cellular Networks as you wish.

Can I keep my current cell phone number on a new contract?

If you currently have a prepaid cell phone number and would like to keep using it on your new contract, it should be possible. Simply inform the Network provider you’re getting your contract through and they will be able to assist you with the number porting or will inform you why they cannot.

What are Value-Added Services?

Value-Added Services (VAS) enhance the experience on your new Smartphone with access to services like Wi-Fi Hotspots, cheaper call rates and Smartphone damage cover to name a few. Each VAS product has been carefully chosen by Phonefinder and is offered by the service provider. Click here to learn more about VAS.

Do I have to Purchase VAS?

No. Whether you accept or decline the Value-Added Services being offered has absolutely no impact on the outcome of your contract application, as these services are being offered as a separate service to your cell phone contract deal.

How Can I Cancel VAS?

Easy. Choose one of the steps below.

Email info@phonefinder.co.za with your request to cancel


Read this VAS description which has the necessary information to assist you with cancelling your chosen VAS product.

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