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Phonefinder: Find Phone Deals Fast
28 Oct 13

Visit www.phonefinder.co.zato find the best cellular solution in South Africa |

Phone finder does just what the name suggests, we help South African's find phone deals; but what you may not know if how fast you can find deals.

Gone are the days of driving to shopping centers in search of a new cell phone contract just to stand in long lines, or waiting for the sales rep at the cell phone shop to finish up on his personal calls.

www.phonefinder.co.za is South Africa's first one stop comparison shop - for cell phone and data contracts.


Complete the full experience online without ever needing to enter another cell phone shop.

  • Inmomentsyou can search, filter and compare contract deals.
  • Insecondsyou can fill in a contact form.
  • Within ashort whilea service provider will call you.


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Phone finder lets you search, filter and compare cell phone deals in a matter of seconds



Phonefinder is South Africa’s cell phone comparison website. Helping you find the best cellular solution. Saving you money

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