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26 Jun 15
Phonefinder Deals

When it comes to finding the best cell phone deals Phonefinder believes that they have the perfect solution. By listing every deal on the market (Vodacom, Cell C, Telkom, MTN) on one website Phonefinder believes that they have given the power back to the consumer. 

Choosing a cell phone contract is no different to choosing any deal, the consumer simply needs to match his or her needs to the offerings available. The offering that best matches the consumers’ needs is surely the best deal. The problem arises when there are over 5000 cell phone deals. How is the consumer meant to compare them all? How can a consumer match his or her needs to such a massive pool of cell phone deals? They simply can’t – not without Phonefinder.

Phonefinder standardises all the deals that are on offer from Vodacom, Cell C, MTN and Telkom. The Network tariff plans and mobile devices are listed in a way that a consumer can easily sift through the thousands of offerings in minutes (average search takes 3 minutes).

How does Phonefinder do this? 

Phonefinder is the first website in South Africa to offer a comparison tool for the cell phone contracts in South Africa. Each deal is broken up by phone, data, minutes, SMS, price and Network. The user is then able to filter the deals on display by his or her preference. 

Looking for all deals under R500pm, with a minimum of 300 minutes and only with a Samsung handset? No problem; your result will be with you within seconds! 

Once the user identifies the perfect cell phone solution to suit his or her needs all that is left to do is fill out an online contact form. From there the appropriate Network Provider is sent the query within seconds. It is the Network and not Phonefinder who contacts the customer, this (according to Phonefinder) keeps the entire process unbiased since Phonefinder does not push select deals onto their visitors.

Mobile device marketplace. 

Phonefinder say that they have evolved into a market place. A place where consumers, networks, service providers and brands can interact and transact. Phonefinder plays the role of the market-place, not the seller. Consumers use the market-place to find the best deal, sellers use the market-place to advertise their deals. 

On Phonefinder a consumer can find the best cell phone deal, repair a broken phone, add an insurance product to their device, sell an old cell phone, catch-up on the latest news or topup their current plan with data or minutes. 

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www.phonefinder.co.za offers a marketplace for consumers, sellers and advertisers.

Learn about the latest cell phone offerings, compare the latest deals, find the best deals.

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