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Phonefinder Mobi – Just In Time
25 Apr 15

Phonefinder Mobile

It’s been nearly a week since Google introduced their new algorithm which basically rendered non mobi-friendly websites buried on the second or third page of a mobile Google query. In otherwords, websites which do not render well on a mobile phone will likely not appear on a Google search result.

The change will affect millions of websites worldwide, but not Phonefinder, South Africa’s mobile marketplace where consumers are able to compare up to 5000 unique cell phone contracts from all of South Africa’s cellular networks.

The decision by Google makes perfect sense. It is unfair of a website to get priority in a search if the end user will likely have a poor experience. Rather give dominance to websites which are easy to navigate on a mibile phone, and most importantly which have easy to read content.

Phonefinder has spent many month’s perfecting their website so that the end user receives the best value. Navigating the website was top priority for the team. The team are most proud of the fact that it takes an end user no more than 5 clicks in order to find the most ideal cell phone package, that means that it takes no more than 5 clicks to sort through 5000 cell phone deals in order to find the ideal package.

"The Phonefinder website was difficult to simplify for the phone experience, but I think we did it” says Lance Krom, Phonefinder CEO. "We didn’t want to compromise on functionality, and I don’t think that we did”. Users on the Phonefinedr mobi-site have performed eye to eye with the website traffic. The time on site, pages visited and bounce rates are almost mirror images of themselves. That is remarkable for a mobile version of a comparative website.

The roll-out by Google has been called Mobilegeddon by many simply because it may spell doom to those websites which do not render well on mobile. However Google is all about relevance, so you may still see non-mobile friendly sites on search results.

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