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Phonefinder One Year On - Making Waves In The Mobile Space
26 Nov 14
Phil Phonefinder

Press release: Johannesburg, 26 November 2014

Just one year after the official launch of Phonefinder, the start-up is making waves in the cell phone contract industry in South Africa. The cell phone contract aggregator website now boasts almost 5 000 deals at any one time from all South African mobile network operators (MNO). In addition, the website provides information on insurance options, phone repairs, accessories and the latest in mobile and tech news.

"Phonefinder was created to solve a frustrating and overwhelming problem all consumers face - choosing the best cell phone contract out of a selection of thousands of deals”, says Phonefinder Managing Director and Founder, Lance Krom. "Consumers love choice but they are too busy to shop around to find the best deal. Phonefinder does this all for them, online, and it doesn’t cost a cent”.

"The cellular and data contract marketplace in South Africa is crowded, confusing and hard to compare" states Krom. And analysts predict new players will continue to enter the market, such as virtual network operators Mr Price and Smart Mobile, who are adding a new layer of value added services, offering consumers more choice when deciding on a package.

Phonefinder simplifies the ‘choice process’ by offering a platform where South African consumers can compare cell phone and data contract packages from across all networks and service providers. "The aim of the service is to give people all the information they need to make the best decision for their current needs, and this can be done from the comfort of the home or office" Krom adds.

Phonefinder compares voice, data and phone only contract deals. The customer can search according to type, price, network, and by manufacturer, as well as build their own deal around their personalised needs and budget.

"We have strong relationships with all the MNOs in South Africa and ensure that our contract deals are updated on a daily basis”, says Krom. "We never miss a deal because we know that customer satisfaction and convenience is everything”. The current unique deal count is sitting at 4915. "Thanks to a dynamic website and powerful CMS we are able to load new deals at a moment’s notice. This is especially useful for ad-hoc weekend and festive season specials.”

As part of its customer retention strategy, Phonefinder has also partnered with Kalahari.com to enable customers to purchase mobile accessories online. In addition, the company offers phone repairs through its partnership with SMARTlab. Furthermore, Phonefinder offers competitive insurance cover for all mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and notebooks.

"To ensure our customers keep returning to our site we have also uploaded value-add functions such as the latest mobile and tech news, as well as offer exciting competitions and a chance to win some pretty cool prizes”, notes Krom.

Since its debut Phonefinder has converted 18% of its enquiries into successful contract deals – no small feat in the competitive mobile contract space - and currently receives around 3 000 visits on its website per day.

This provides a captive platform for companies to advertise to their target audience, yet another revenue stream for the innovative tech company. Phonefinder is built to be dynamic so the company is able to create unique pages to house specific deal offerings. These pages are exclusive and allow banners and other advertising channels to push traffic to those pages.

So how does it work?
  • Phonefinder lists every Service providers’ deals on the market so that you don’t need to visit the stores
  • Start by performing a search based on "PRICE”, "NETWORK”, or "MANUFACTURER”
  • Then play with your search until you have filtered out your perfect deal
  • By submitting your information to Phonefinder you will be contacted by the relevant Service Provider who listed your chosen deal
  • You can also build your own deal if you haven’t found one that meets your needs

While one may think that users would most frequently search for a specific handset, Phonefinder has found that price is a key driver for consumers who are looking for a new handset or contract. "One of the aims of Phonefinder is to show the consumer how they can cut costs and help them avoid spending money on things they don't need” Krom says. This will certainly come in handy in the festive season!


About Phonefinder (www.phonefinder.co.za)
Phonefinder is the first unbiased comparative cell phone contract listing company in South Africa. The company lists every deal on offer from every Service Provider and every Network. In addition, the company offers cell phone accessories, mobile device insurance and phone repairs. South Africans can now quickly search, filter and compare thousands of deals until they find the perfect deal to suit their pocket and needs.

Phonefinder is a subsidiary of 3 Way Marketing. Founded in 2007, 3 Way Marketing specialises in digital marketing and lead generation. The company is the marketing and strategic base on which Phonefinder’s innovative design and interface is built.

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