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Play the Phil on April Fools’ Day
31 Mar 15
April Fool

April Fools’ Day is just simply brilliant. It’s a day where pranksters can openly get away with pranking unsuspecting victims (to be fair it is April Fools’ Day so there is no excuse to be an "unsuspecting victim”). The day is sometimes called All Fools’ Day but it always falls on 1 April. 

The origin of the day differs slightly depending on your source of information, however the common belief is that it was a result of a shifting calendar. You see the Romans and Hindus celebrated New Year’s Day on or around April 1 (the calendar at the time being lunar related so the solar equivalent date would fluctuate around the 20th March). Then in 1852 the Pope (at the time it was Pope Gregory XIII) ordered in the new calendar (the Gregorian calendar which the secular world uses to this date). 

The Gregorian calendar of course celebrates New Year’s Day on the 1st of January and not 1st of April. As can be expected there were many people who either did not accept the new calendar or did not know about it, they of course continued celebrating New Year’s Day on the 1st of April. True to human nature these people were considered fools and were therefore ripe for pranking. 

That brings us to Phil’s top 5 cell phone related pranks 

1. Classic Identity Theft 

This prank is the most cost effective and requires nothing more than your cunningness and for you to know your victims cell phone password. 

Once you have your victim’s cell phone simply go to their address book and be creative with some names. 

You can be extra cruel and find his most common calls and edit them to say "Mom”. Imagine your friend answering a call from his boss: "Hey Mom”. Or an SMS from” Mom” saying "Dad’s in jail” – Classic. 

2. Hit Me Baby One More Time 

Again this is a really innocent prank which will just embarrass your victim and leave them with some explaining to do. Simply edit their ringtone to something really embarrassing. 

Make sure the phones volume is tuned up really high. 

3. Alarming to Say The Least 

Disclaimer: This prank is slightly crueler and requires you to be really good friends with the victim or else you will lose a friend or loved one. 

Break into your victim’s cell phone and change their ringtone to something eerie and haunting. Screaming will to, but the sound of a creaking door being opened followed by footsteps is even better. 

Feel free to go the extra mile and set the alarm for 2 am. 

4. When Cold Calls Get Heated 

No one loves a cold call telemarketing campaign, but what can make it worse is when the agent on the line just won’t give up. Call your victim from an "unknown” number and pretend that you are calling about a message your victim recently sent to "your company” showing his interest in car insurance. 

Your victim will surely hang up on you, but be persistent to the point where you call back every time your victim hangs up. 

5. Auto-correct 

This is another classic move. Change some short-cut words on your victim’s phone’s keyboard to auto-correct to something arbitrary such as "sprinkles”. This will drive those nuts for a short while. 

6. Screen Shot Madness 

This is Phil’s favorite and as such has been added on to the list as a bonus. It’s simple, it’s classic and best of all it will drive your victim to madness. 

Simply take a screen shot of your victim’s smart phone. Then place all their home screen apps onto another page. The home screen will now of course show all their apps, but they will be images. Now just sit back and watch as your victim restarts his phone over and over trying to resolve the issue of his phone’s non-clickable apps.


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