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Samsung Galaxy S10 A Phonefinder Review
28 Feb 19

Samsung galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+: The gang’s all here, but which is the smartphone for you?

In the run-up to the big reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S10, we have had plenty to gossip about. How smart will this new addition to the S range be? Will the battery life live up to (or even exceed) their predecessors? What will the camera quality be like? Since the Samsung S10 Unpacked event, we still haven’t been able to believe our eyes – these phones are everything Samsung promised us and more! Phil is excited to tell you just about everything you would want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus as well as what you can ex-spec-t from your next smartphone contract deal.

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Unpacked Event

Unpacking the Samsung Galaxy S10

You may remember my fanboy moment I had about this smartphone in my list of new smartphones to get excited about in 2019. Well, that was nothing compared to finally seeing the launch of this baby. Samsung was clever to keep their Galaxy S10 under wraps until its S10 Unpacked event. Smartphone users and tech fans alike enjoyed experiencing the payoff of finally getting the facts after months of rumors (some of the rumors even came true, even though they were seemingly far-fetched!).
Speaking of specs, what can Samsung users look forward to on the S10 flagship? Allow me to blow your mind for a sec.

  • All Samsung S10 smartphones come with a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 855 processor.
  • Base storage of 128 GB plus expandable micro SD storage.
  • Dynamic AMOLED screen with reduced blue light and HDR10+ wide colour range.
  • Compatibility with the harder, better, faster, stronger Wi-Fi 6.
  • Super-fast wireless charging.
  • Wireless PowerShare: charge other devices just by holding them against the back of your Samsung S10.
  • Classified IP68, the highest mobile device standard for water and dust resistance.
  • The hole-punch camera set-up on the screen is definitely less invasive than the notch design on previous Samsung smartphones.

Now that we’ve established what Samsung’s latest additions to the S range have in common, let’s see what exactly sets the S10 models apart.

Which Samsung Galaxy S10 is the smartphone for you?

Let’s start with the Samsung S10 that is pulling out all the stops. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus gives you bigger and better value than any Samsung you’ve ever owned. Larger display? Naturally. The S10 Plus will blow you away with its 6.4-inch, curved, OLED display. More storage? You bet. You can get the S10 Plus with up to 1TB of storage and 12GB of RAM-bam-thank-you-mam! Bigger battery? Prepare to be amazed! This 4,100mAh bad boy will keep the party going all day and then some. Without a doubt, this is the only phone worth using Wireless PowerShare to share charge with your mate’s phone without completely draining your own battery.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find the Samsung Galaxy S10e. This little cutie is by far the most affordable of the Galaxy S10 releases, but still keeps up with the best that the S range has to offer. It’s 5.8-inch OLED display makes it one of the handier models, while also giving you the reduced blue light and wider HDR colour palette features of the other S10 smartphones. However, a smaller screen also means the S10e’s screen has a lower resolution but can still maintain high quality. This phone still boasts the same primary (wide), ultra-wide, and selfie cameras of the Galaxy S10. Unlike its bigger siblings, you can get this model in a wider variety of colours, including a funky Canary Yellow. One could argue that the S10e only let’s itself down with its battery life: will a 3,100mAh battery give you enough juice to get you through the day?

Samsung S10 variety

The most promising model seems to be the Galaxy S10. Not as pricey as the S10 Plus, but it’s still got all the features you would want from the Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship. As a certain golden-haired home-invader once said, "It’s just right”. Just like its big brother, the S10 Plus, the Galaxy S10 boasts an in-display fingerprint reader, rear-mounted triple camera set-up, and wireless charging support. The 6.1-inch Quad HD+ curved OLED display may be smaller than the S10 Plus, but it delivers the same level of quality. The S10 features a significantly larger battery (3,800 mAh) than the S9, while still retaining the S9’s battery-saving tricks, so you can count on longer battery life with the added bonus of a fast, wireless recharge.

Can we take a moment to admire the cameras on these babies?

To start with, the Galaxy S10 Plus has five (yes, FIVE) cameras. While the Galaxy S10 has three rear and one front camera and S10e has the two rear and one front camera (as well as a chunk of the on-board camera software), the S10 Plus definitely has what it takes to take your smartphone photography game to the next level and makes every photo a keeper. Let’s unpack all five cameras on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to give you the full picture:

  • 12MP Telephoto Camera
  • 12MP Wide-Angle Camera
  • 16MP Ultra-Wide Camera
  • 10MP Selfie Camera
  • 8MP RGB Depth Camera
Samsung S10 Camera

The Wide-Angle Camera is equipped with Dual Aperture, which adjusts and optimises light before you tap the shutter (supports F1.5 mode and F2.4 mode). The Ultra-Wide Camera delivers a 123-degree field of vision and lens correction, so your wide shots won’t be distorted. Meanwhile, on the front of this mean machine, the Selfie Camera allows you to experiment with the depth of field and various artistic effects to up your selfie game. These cameras are supported by a range of pre-loaded features, including 30 photo modes, Dual Pixel Sensor for greater clarity, live focus, and even shot suggestions based on a combination of A.I. and the rules of photography applied by professionals.
This camera set-up allows you to capture flawless 4K UHD videos. That’s right, you never have to fear shaky cam and blurred videos again. Samsung’s Super Steady uses predictive software to give you smoother videos that could rival your GoPro. And for extra drama, it even has a slow-motion feature. So, give Hollywood a run for its money and shoot the next blockbuster on your Samsung Galaxy S10.


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