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Samsung Might Have Something Exciting Planned For You
29 Jan 18

Samsung Might Have Something Exciting Planned For You

Samsung has lead the way when it comes to exciting new features and designs of smartphones and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. According to a discovery made by a Dutch Blog, Samsung has few ideas for the design of future smartphones that they’ve patented. 

The first to introduce the curved display in smartphones, Samsung gave us more screen to enjoy when using smartphones. Now, the tech giant wants to potentially up the ante with a wrap-around screen design that could make their smartphones almost entirely screen. 

The patents for these wrap-around screen ideas were submitted in April 2017 and were officially registered on 4 January 2018. While the registration of patents does not mean the ideas may come into being anytime soon or at all, it is exciting nonetheless if a company like Samsung is thinking along these lines. 

As part of the patent submission, Samsung listed three design ideas and being the innovative company they are it wouldn’t be a longshot expecting one of these three to make it to market. 

The first design shows a screen that wraps around the phone from left to right all the way to the back. The second design is more intuitive and features a screen that wraps around the entire device, with sensors that can detect how a phone is being held, flipping the display accordingly and shrinking it to accommodate the user’s hand. Lastly, the third design features a screen that starts at the top and curves all the way around the bottom of the phone to the back. 

If you would like to take a look at the three designs, you can view them here - http://read.bi/2ElUsbV

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