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Self Healing Phones
18 Jan 15
Self Healing Cell Phone

LG wowed audiences at CES in Las Vegas with an impressive trick – their self-healing LG Flex. This is the phone that the villain from Terminator 2 would use. 


The LG G Flex of course also comes with a curved screen, but forget that for now – it heals itself! Of course for now it’s only the back cover which heals itself which may not be of that much importance to most people. 

However the concept is still new and may soon be standard on all devices, ready to heal any scratch on your cell phone. In fact Apple have recently come out with their patent for a "self-repairing material”. The patent which was filed in 2014 and revealed recently pretty much explains the cell phone manufacturers plan to reduce surface scratches on you iPhone. 

In the meantime of course you will have to rely on affordable cell phone repair services (just like Phonefinder offer).

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