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Some fun: Broken Phone Statistics
14 Sep 14
Phone Repairs

Some fun: Broken Phone Statistics

It’s never fun breaking your phone or tablet. A smashed screen, faulty battery, phone charging issues or liquid damage is never a pleasant experience. That’s why Phonefinder has launched phone repairs. We have you covered. 

However below are some interesting statistics which might interest you.

Do you fit the mold?

The most common breakages:

  • Simple drop: One of the most common tablet damages come from the simple drop – maybe while multitasking (trying to juggle a coffee and a tablet?).
  • Bath time: While relaxing after a hard day at work it is not recommended to take your Smartphone with you to the bath. The relaxation tends to ease peoples grip.

16% of phones are broken by 18-24 year olds. The most likely damage for this age group is a cracked screen or liquid damage.

42% of women are the victims of smartphone theft. The most common age group for theft is between 25-34 years old.

70% of phones are lost by men. The most common age for losing your phone occurs between 35-44 year olds.

57% of men are responsible for dropping their smartphones down a toilet

Research conducted by Protect Your Bubble via customer survey of 4000 people across the US

Phonefinder’s Phone Repair is a partnership between SmartLab and Phonefinder. Smartlab is a quality assured repair center with over 15 years’ experience in cell phone repairs. SmartLab is an accredited and authorised service provider for Nokia, Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry and LG. We repair in and out of warranty devices and even offer a speedy repair service for cracked screens.

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