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Soon it might be a bit misleading to call your cell phone a “phone”
01 Nov 14

Future Phone

Soon it might be a bit misleading to call your cell phone a "phone”.

When the cell phone was first envisioned it was meant to connect people by allowing phone calls from just about anywhere, cell phone signal allowing of course. That visions quickly evolved to include text messaging through SMSs. Along the path to the familiar smartphone the technology saw big phones, tiny phones, round phones, flip phones, phones with mono colour screens and polyphonic ringtones. In fact your phone you carry now has very little in common with the original "brick”. When you activate your smartphone it is unlikely to make a call. Games, social networking, emails, texting and snapping high resolution pictures are far more prevalent than making a call.

So what if your current "phone” has evolved so far beyond the phone of just 10 years ago what are we likely to see in the next 10 years?

Alternative power sources

Instead of hoping for ever-lasting batteries what about batteries that are powered by your motion?

Flexi screens

Of course LG G Flex already features a "curvy” screen, but what about a screen that behaves like a piece of paper?

Modular replacements

Imagine picking and choosing pieces for your phone. Need a better camera? No problem, just purchase a high res 3D lens and replace it with your existing piece. CPUs, motherboards, and so on will soon be replaceable, this may even make cell phone contracts far cheaper (new contracts could just come with replacement pieces).

Soon your phone may even replace your laptop. Imagine simply plugging your phone into any nearby screen, suddenly that screen becomes a high powered computer.

Luckily since smartphones are evolving so quickly the future is just a few contract plans away.

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