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06 Jul 14

Siri Learning

Siri: The next level of AI in your pocket

Since the days when Michael Knight cracked wise ones with KITT, his artificial intelligent car, we (or at least every boy) has wanted to chat to a know-it-all computer. Apple came close to giving us just that when they launched SIRI for the iPhone in 2010; but the service wasn't exactly accurate, until now.

Apple is making the next generation of SIRI much smarter with a technique called neural network algorithms (a field of artificial intelligence). Essentially this will allow SIRI to not only understand speech and accents, but to learn how YOU speak!

SIRI was actually an App launched in the iStore by Siri, Inc. It was acquired by Apple in 2010 for more than $200 million. Google soon after released its Android version and is currently enhancing the Google Now neural nets. Microsoft of course is not far behind with its real-time translation feature rolling out for Skype soon.

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