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Steamy Eyes on Cell C LTE Launch
30 Oct 15

You are going to be hearing a lot of news about Cell C’s LTE data plans, and that has nothing to do with their services or their recent R8 billion plan to develop their infrastructure over the next three years. No, you will be hearing about their LTE data plans simply because of one raunchy advert. 

Cell C seems to be releasing a lot of controversial adverts these days and we at Phonefinder love them, mostly because we are a bunch of young adolescent grownups. The latest Cell C advert introduces Cell C’s LTE line to the public by comparing the need for speed in some areas in your life as apposed to, well other areas of your life. We are sure that ICASA will be hearing a lot from the more conservative viewer. 

Cell C will be rolling out LTE towers in metropolitan areas with its partner Huawei and ZTE. Over 4000 LTE sites are planned for the roll-out making Cell C one of the most comprehensive LTE providers in South Africa. 

At the same time Cell C will be focusing on its other data services by planting an additional 1353 3G sites. This project is said to be planned over the next few years and is a welcomed addition to the cellular network’s subscribers. 

The addition of Cell C into the LTE space is a welcomed one by Phonefinder who specialise in comparing data deals from all of the cellular network providers in South Africa. While Vodacom has had LTE deals since 2012 and is currently the leader with the most LTE sites (around 2000 posts), MTN also offers LTE data deals and boasts just over 1000 posts with plans to expand their coverage as aggressively as Cell C is building theirs. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top this time. 

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