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Telkom FreeMe Data Plans
11 Apr 19


A cell phone contract usually tries to win you over with large chunks of airtime and SMSs with some data thrown in as an afterthought. However, in the age of #DataMustFall, it’s become clear that the real demand is for data. Few understand this demand quite like Telkom, who is offering data bundles with airtime and SMSs attached. The Telkom FreeMe phone contract is built around its data bundles, but also includes free SMSs and airtime – it’s the best of all the worlds! So, let’s unpack this young life-changer with Phil.

When Telkom says free, they don’t exaggerate. The linchpin of Telkom FreeMe plans is data. If you go for the 20GB or Unlimited options, you can get up to 3,000 free monthly minutes, free use of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, free internet call, and free Wi-Fi at any Telkom hotspot. If you get carried away streaming your favourite series and run out of your monthly data, you can easily top up your monthly plan with an extra airtime or data bundle.

To sweeten the deal, you can even add an extra airtime bundle to your cell phone contract, ranging from 100 minutes for as little as R40 to 500 minutes for R150. What’s more, if you sign up for the Telkom FreeMe 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, and Unlimited plans, you also get access to Telkom’s LIT_Music benefit, which allows you to stream a free 10GB of music from Apple Music, Google Play or Simfy Africa. If you’re more of a binge-watcher than a sound-junkie, certain Telkom FreeMe plans give you access to Telkom LIT_Video, which allows you to stream up to 50GB series or movies from top-shelf content providers like Showmax, DSTV, and Google Play for free. Now that’s lit!

What to stream this weekend

Now that you have the data deal of your dreams, you’re free to stream to your heart’s delight. Spoilt for choice? Take a gander at some of Phil’s favorites this weekend on Netflix and Showmax.

Russian Doll


Nadia has a problem: she keeps dying and reliving the same day all over again. Somewhere between Groundhog Dayand The Walking Dead, this story begins with a birthday party being thrown for Nadia, at which she dies and oddly enough finds herself alive and back at the very same party the next day. The rest of the series follows Nadia as she parties/dies/repeats to discover the cause of her predicament. This comedy disarms with some hard-hitting philosophical musing, without losing any laughs along the way.



This unusual comedy focuses on aspiring stand-up comedian, Pete, who moves out of his home after he discovers his wife cheating on him. But the cost of living by yourself in a big city like London being what it is, Pete finds himself couch-hopping in the homes of various quirky characters, who help him on his way to making a living from telling jokes.



Finally, South Africa has its own superhero! Ex-cop, Shadrach Khumalo, is "Shadow”, a vigilante hero cleaning up the streets of Johannesburg. His super power: he feels no pain – but you can bet the bad guys do. The series runs on a "villain of the week” basis, but the golden thread throughout the series is provided by the emotional journey of the hero and the characters that surround him. There’s more to this series than your typical superhero romp.


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