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Telkom FreeMe Misunderstanding
30 Sep 16

Telkom FreeMe
Telkom FreeMe Deals

By now you must have heard about the new Telkom FreeMe deals? If not then read this article to catch-up, and then come back to read this article because it will help explain a recent misunderstanding which resulted in a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa against Telkom. 

The deal in question was the landlines. You may be asking "then what was the problem”? We know we were. The problem occurred when Telkom failed to mention that the R99 per month deal did not come with a cell phone. 

After the complaint was lodged Telkom explained that the FreeMe deal does start at R99 per month, however that is for the SIM only deal which is only available in stores and cannot be purchased online. The SIM plus phone cell phone contract can however be purchased online, or through Phonefinder. 

Telkom has since updated its website to ensure no more misunderstandings. 

The ASA accepted Telkom’s explanation and commitment to change the advertising on its website, without ruling on the matter.

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