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The 5 Smartphone Security Tips Everyone Needs To Know
06 Oct 17

The 5 Smartphone Security Tips Everyone Needs To Know

Have you ever considered just how much information about you is on your Smartphone? The answer is scary once you really thing about it. In order to keep your information secure, there are steps you can take and the sooner you start the better. No one plans to have their property stolen or lost, but it will certainly help if you’re prepared should that unfortunate time ever come. 

First Line of Defence

These days there are options in terms of how we can unlock our Smartphones, but surprisingly most of us go for the convenience of the ‘swipe to unlock’ feature. Sure it’s easy and allows you quick access, but what if your device lands in the wrong hands? Remember, the way you access your device is your first line of protection. Whether you use a fingerprint scanner, facial recognition, pattern unlock or the good ‘ol pin code, be sure to have one of these measures in place. 


Smartphones can basically go everywhere we go thanks to their portable nature, but that means they can just as easily be lost or stolen. The upside to that downside though is that we have options for tracking and disabling our devices through tracking apps and even better, we can wipe the devices to avoid our information being stolen and used. Android and iOS devices all come standard with a way to get all this done, but you can always use a trusted third-party app if you feel that would give you more peace of mind. 

Trusted Apps Only

Simply put, trusted apps can be found on the major app stores like Google Play and Apple iTunes. They earn this title because the major app stores have to approve them before they are made available for download. So any viruses or malicious software will not be downloaded to your device and your information remains secure. Bear in mind though, most apps require certain information to be shared with them, take note of what is being asked for and if you’re not comfortable with sharing, then rather find a different app. 

Regularly Back Up

All the information that lives on your device has value to you, right? So backing up that information should be an obvious choice. Not only can you restore that information if ever your device is wiped by accident, but if ever your device is lost or stolen, you can restore that information to a new device so you avoid losing contacts and other important information. 

Always Update

Every so often we receive a notification to update our device software. Most of us keep putting this off because let’s face it, we’re always busy with our Smartphones and don’t want to be interrupted. Running these updates when prompted though, means you’re protected against any weaknesses that may be present in your operating system. These weaknesses are what hackers are after, so to avoid falling victim to them, be sure to keep your device updated.

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