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The Age Old Battle of MTN vs Vodacom
22 Nov 17

The Age Old Battle of MTN vs Vodacom 

MTN vs Vodacom on Phonefinder

In South Africa, we have four major Network Providers and when asking basically anyone the first to be named is usually MTN or Vodacom. The reason for this is simple, these were the first Mobile Network Providers to open their doors back in 1994. And so began the ongoing battle that has been MTN vs Vodacom. 

Considering that between these two cellular giants, they have a collective total of 70,3 million subscribers (Vodacom 39.4 million; MTN 30.9 million), we wondered, which of them has the better contract deal? We decided to use the Huawei P8 Lite 2017 as the device and considered network coverage and monthly price to get to an answer. 


Network Coverage

MTN Coverage Map MTN LTE Coverage Map

You’ll be pleased to know that MTN has some pretty extensive coverage in South Africa. In terms of 3G coverage, whether you find yourself in the Karoo or the Kruger, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to phone home if need be. On the other hand MTN’s LTE coverage is currently focused around the major Cities and Towns in South Africa, which makes sense when considering the user base for LTE devices. 


The cheapest MTN contract deal on the Huawei P8 Lite 2017 starts at R149pm on a My MTNChoice Flexi R110; meaning R110 in value to be used according to your needs. This contract also includes flat rates: 

- Get 73 minutes of talk time at R1,50 per minute, or
- 220 smses at R0,50 per sms, or
- 111MB data at R0,99 per MB

Huawei P8 Lite 


Network Coverage

Vodacom Coverage Map Vodacom LTE Coverage Map

Since Vodacom has the bigger subscriber base, it comes as no surprise that their coverage is just that little bit better. In terms of their 3G coverage, Vodacom is nudging ahead slightly, but, that slight nudge ahead when it comes to being on the ground needing to be connected, makes a big difference. LTE coverage is where Vodacom is well ahead, which again, should come as no surprise considering Vodacom has lead the way for LTE in South Africa. 


The cheapest Vodacom contract deal on the Huawei P8 Lite 2017 starts at R199pm on a uChoose Flexi 150; meaning R150 in value to be used according to your needs. 

- Get 79 minutes of talk time at R1,90 per minute, or 

- 300 smses at R0,50 per sms, or 

- 150MB data at R1,00 per MB

Huawei P8 Lite 

Our Verdict 

MTN and Vodacom have both proven themselves to be South African favourites and that’s easily seen in the number of subscribers these Network Giants have. In terms of calling a clear winner, it’s just too close to call. The monthly payments on each contract deal may differ slightly, but value drawn from them is about the same. Coverage too amounts to a slight difference, so our overall verdict is you really can’t go wrong choosing either of these Networks.

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