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The Apple Watch is here
24 Apr 15

Apple Watch

Unless you live under a rock (with very poor internet reception) you have probably heard that Apple’s much anticipated watch has launched. People are going crazy (well some people anyway).

Once, not too long ago, a phone was used to phone people. Now a phone is used for everything from checking stock prices to launching animated pigeons at pigs. Now the same may be true for the watch, how much further will we go with the feature rich watch until future generations don’t use a watch for telling the time?

Apple calls the Apple Watches their most personal device yet, and not only does it look pretty slick but it is also incredibly functional – keeping time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard (so no excuses for being late).

Apple Watches are also fully customisable for everyone. That’s Apple’s way of saying "this isn’t just a tool, it’s an accessory”.

See what Apple offers in the Apple Watch


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