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01 Dec 15

Phonefinder Deals

Phonefinder is all about comparing cell phone deals, and when do you need a deal more than in December? In this article we will take a look at the most popular phones and cell phone contracts being chosen this month. We will also reveal some hidden gems among the many hundreds of cell phone deals on offer by all of South Africa’s cell phone service providers. 

On Phonefinder you will be able to compare over 8000 cell phone packages. Every package is made up of a cell phone network, be It MTN, Cell C, Vodacom or Telkom. Attached to that Network is a phone, and even here there is a huge variety ranging from budget Samsung Phones to the priciest Apple. On top of that is then the talk plan which the Network is offering. All of these options make the range of deals pretty abundant. Phonefinder makes sifting through this range of deals pretty easy by offering cell phone deal filters. Consumers use the filters to find the best deal to suit their needs, be it an MTN deal under R200 with a LG phone, or a Vodacom deal under R300 on BlackBerry – finding that perfect deal takes only a few minutes. By monitoring consumer behavior with the Phonefinder filters we are able to reveal which deals were most popular. 

The Most Popular Network 

Ok; while Phonefinder is an unbiased website we are still able to reveal which Network featured the most on Phonefinder. The answer may surprise you, however when you see which deals highlighted you will understand why MTN stood out among the rest. Yes the answer is MTN.

Most Popular Cell Phone Network

The Most Popular Price Range 

While infinity packages do exist on MTN, Cell C, Telkom and Vodacom they are pricey and are not for every South African. They do of course serve many South African’s well and ensure that there is a cap on the amount you will spend, however a lot of us are pretty happy spending less than a thousand Rand on our phone bills. That is why it will come as no surprise when we reveal the most popular contract price ranges are all below R150pm. 

Most Popular Prices On Phonefinder

The Most Popular Phones 

You may notice something a little odd in the next pie chart. The iPhone 4s was actually the most popular deal on Phonefinder. The reason for this is MTN. The Network Service Provider re-launched this phone for R129 on My MTN Choice 50, and our visitors just ate it up. This is largely the reason why MTN was by far the most popular Network on Phonefinder in 2015. 

Most popular phones on phonefinder

The Most Popular Phone Contracts on Phonefinder 

Lastly we look at the most popular phone packages. A phone package is made up when a Network attaches a phone, a price and a talk plan to a deal. The talk plan of course consists of minute, data and unnecessary SMSs (in our opinion anyway). Considering what we have revealed above the below information may not surprise you.

Phone packages on Phonefinder
Phonefinder lists the most up to date phone package deals in South Africa. Come visit us for a new line activation or for an upgrade. With over 8000 live deals updated weekly you are assured the best deal possible. No more queues. No more driving to store. Complete a contract over the phone and have your deal delivered direct to your door - for free in most cases! Visit www.phonefinder.co.za today to compare South Africa's cell phone packages.

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