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The Best Smartphone Tips and Tricks
20 Nov 17

The Best Smartphone Tips and Tricks You Need to Know About


Whatsapp has become a big part of most people’s lives, taking the top spot when it comes to how we stay in touch. That being the case, it’s a good idea to familiarise ourselves with some tips and tricks that can make Whatsapp even better!

Has Your Message Been Read

Need to know if that important message you sent was read? That’s easy, just go into the chat, tap and hold down on the message in question and once the (i) icon appears at the top of your screen, click it and you will see the delivery and read times.

Easy Access to your Favourite Chat Buddy

If you have someone special that you chat too all the time, create a shortcut to your chat with them without having to sift through all your other chats. Just open Whatsapp, long press on the chat you’d like a shortcut for and once highlighted, click on the three dots at the top right of your screen and select "Create Shortcut”. It will now be added to your home screen.

You are Here

If you’re meeting up with someone, you can send your exact location right from Whatsapp so they can find you easily. Just open the chat with them, click on the icon that allows you to send attachments, select "Share Location”.

Save Data, Stop Auto Downloads

With all the pictures and videos that are regularly shared on Whatsapp daily, it can take a toll on your mobile data. Just open Whatsapp, go to settings, select "Data Usage” then "When using mobile data” and untick the media options you don’t want downloaded automatically.

Voice Notes Decoded

Ever had a problem when sending voice notes on Whatsapp and it cuts off after a few seconds? That’s happened to a lot of people and the cause is often the screen protector because it can affect the multi-touch functionality of your screen. Either remove the screen protector, get one that supports multi-touch or try moving your finger slightly when holding down the microphone icon to avoid the touch connectivity being lost.



You’ve probably heard of this navigation app from friends, family and colleagues, but what’s all the hype for? Well we’ve tested the app ourselves and can safely say that the hype is warranted and we want to tell you why.

How does it work?

Waze is unlike most navigation apps in that it completely broke the mould. With this app you will get the expected navigation, but with some fun and helpful twists.

What makes it so good?

Waze relies on live traffic updates to calculate the best route for you at all times. The real-time traffic data comes from the Waze community, which is made up of Waze users just like you. So should there be a roadblock on your journey, accident or broken traffic lights, Waze will know and recalculate your route.

What else can you do with Waze?

Something as slight as the voice directing you can be annoying, so Waze gives you options in this regard. You’ve got the standard options of a guy or girl, but let’s say you’re more partial to a boy band assisting you, there’s an option for that. Another cool feature is the ability to integrate your Spotify account with the Waze app, because who doesn’t want some great tunes to drive along to?

Where can you get it?

Waze is available on iOS and Android, which is great news for everyone. Its free to download which is awesome too, so there’s nothing stopping you from helping grow the Waze community.


Smart Sleeping with Sleep Cycle

Are you the type that struggles to get a good night’s rest only to be woken abruptly by your alarm each morning? Naturally, there’s an app for that and it’s called Sleep Cycle alarm clock. With this useful app, you’ll be able to monitor how you sleep and get an easy wake up that won’t shock and disorientate you first thing in the morning. 

How does it work? 

There are 3 cycles of sleep that each person goes through; light, deep and REM sleep. Sleep Cycle uses your smartphones microphone or accelerometer to track your sleep patterns through each cycle using sound or movement. Once you set your wake up time, the app will begin the process of gently waking you up 30 minutes before. 

What makes it so good? 

Sleep Cycle detects when you’re in light sleep and begins the process of waking you up. Because you’re being woken in light sleep, it feels as though you’re waking up naturally. To snooze, just double tap on your phone or just pick it up and the app will automatically start a snooze period. 

What else can you do with Sleep Cycle?

Tracking your sleep is easy and doesn’t require any extras to be used. Because the app uses sound and movement, you can easily track your sleep after each night. By tracking your sleep patterns, you will be able to see how much rest you’re actually getting and figure out the best ways to improve it. 

Where can you get it? 

The Sleep Cycle app is available for iOS and Android devices and yes it’s free so we can all start improving our nightly rest, while waking up as gently as ever to make each day start off in the best possible way. 

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