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The cell phones South Africans want
15 Apr 16

Phone choice confusion
Phil is frustrated with so much phone choice

Last month Phil and the rest of the Phonefinder team assisted over 150 000 South African’s compare over 8 000 unique cell phone contracts. That is a lot of deals, and a lot of comparing.

With that volume of queries Phonefinder is able to piece together just what cell phones South African’s want.

What is Phonefinder: Think of Phonefinder as a free tool to do your cell phone shopping. You can use us to find your deal and then go to the store (if you don’t mind standing in queues and releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere when you drive down to the store), or you can submit your details and we will instantly pass on your query to the relevant service provider who will call you right back.

Finding the best cell phone deal
Phil uses Phonefinder to find the perfect phone package

The most common starting point for cell phone queries on Phonefinder is price. 63% of queries start at price, followed by a cell phone device choice. The second most frequently chosen starting point is a cell phone choice (28%). So it is safe to say that South African’s want the phone of their choice, so long as it comes at a good price.

So what are the cell phone products that are so popular on Phonefinder? The results may surprise you but remember that the below results are not to be seen isolated. Every deal on Phonefinder is of course coupled with a Network talk plan. The phone plus the talk plan makes up the monthly subscription charge, and it is the full package which drives consumer choice.

Top performing phone manufacturers and phones

It may not surprise you to learn that Samsung are at the top. Samsung’s market share in India alone is at 29%, so it should be safe to assume that it would be the same on Phonefinder – and you would be right. However you may be surprised to learn how close Huawei is to overtaking Apple as the most sought after cell phone device on Phonefinder in South Africa. Below are our top 5 manufacturers.

ManufacturerPhonefinder Market Share

Taking a deeper look things start to get a little interesting because although Samsung makes up such a large piece of the pie their demand per product range and fairly evenly split whereas the other brands have very definite product winners. For example the Huawei Ascend P8 Lite makes us 68% of all Huawei requests where the highest requested Samsung device (the Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace) makes up 20% of Samsung’s requests.

Top performing device by manufacturerPhonefinder market share within manufacturer
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace20%
Apple iPhone 4s27%
Huawei Ascend P8 Lite68%
Sony Xperia M4
BlackBerry Z4

The most notable and surprising phone is still the Apple iPhone 4s. This remarkable phone has been in the top 10 for 2 months now and it is tantamount to a desirable brand. It seems that there is a lot of demand for Apple phones, but when it comes down to it price dictates which Apple phone can be afforded. The Apple iPhone 4s may be a compromise, but at 27% of the Apple pie it is not bad going. 

From the above data we can see that when all phones are considered equal it becomes increasingly important to find a cell phone contract that meets all your needs, and that includes price not to mention data and voice (SMS is a dying commodity, but it is not a dead one in South Africa, not yet, not while there is still a buzzing feature and dumb phone market). 

Phonefinder will continue assist South African’s find the best cell phone deal, but we rely on you the consumer to tell us which deals most interest you.

get the best phone deal
Phil walking away with the perfect cell phone

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